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Consistent Through Discomfort

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I am not going to lie… my toothpick of a right leg is going to have a rude awakening, once my injured state has run its course! My left leg, in as much as I had previously thought it to be a pointless limb, has become so incredibly strong!

Back in the days of college soccer, I was a right foot dominant player. Coach had told me to prepare to become comfortable playing the left side of the field, so my left foot had to attempt to learn how to bend the ball down the line, how to strike the ball (with varying accuracy), and to be as proficient as my natural right foot. I had to focus on putting in extra training time to get my left foot technique up to the expectations required of the position! Although not as proficient as my right foot, the extra training time, extra dedication, and challenge of learning another skill, paid off. The discipline to learn something new made me a more versatile player, and because I became better as a player, it caused my team to be better too. We challenged each other for playing time and to prove that we were each pursuing the highest of standards. The standards of Messiah Women's Soccer was the most incredible experience as I learned how to embrace consistency and discipline for a purpose that went far greater purpose than performance on the field.

Learning to train my left foot was a choice. But I wanted time on the field. I wanted to develop my left foot, so that I could be effective on the field. If I had chosen to remain comfortable only with my right foot would have limited my chances of seeing the field, and being a limited asset to my team.

Learning to embrace the discomfort of this injury is a choice.

What is my end goal? Why embrace the “discomfort”? What am I choosing to focus on with my efforts through discomfort? Pursuit of consistency. Pursuit of strength. Pursuit of “no excuses”. Pursuit of knowledge. Pursuit of a greater influence than simply what my body can do. Pursuit of perspective.

A purpose gives discomfort a temporal frame of process through growth.

How to accomplish the goals, the pursuits, through the discomfort of learning? At its core: remaining true to who I am, and what I believe in. I believe in the power of habit. This belief dictates my daily actions. Some of those include: 1) getting up at the same time every day. 2) beginning the day with activity and getting outside 3) doing various activity throughout the day that challenges me [pushups/pull-ups etc) 4) staying consistent with my time of meditation and reflection with devotions and journaling.

The discomfort in the day to day life lies in the fact that I cannot drive. I cannot do my regular exercise routine. I cannot formally “train” myself. I cannot walk. I cannot do things in a timely manner. All of those elements have caused severe mental discomfort! However, I CAN remain consistent to who I am, and my choice of attitude as an extension of what I believe. I CAN learn how to train myself and others who are (and who will) go through injuries, and who I will have the responsibility to help to rehabilitate. I CAN invest in the lives of those around me, with phone calls, social media, and technology. I CAN still soak in the sunshine, and work up a sweat with some resistance bands. I CAN use the knowledge gained through my academic endeavors to train clients. I CAN read the most current of research and integrate the newest science with what is currently practiced in the field of strength and conditioning.

The DISCOMFORT of this injury to my mindset is so real. And it is frustrating. And it is a struggle. The choice to pursue goals based on remaining TRUE and CONSISTENT with who I am and what I believe is just as real. I have a tougher platform to reveal who I am and what I believe, but thus is the path of perseverance and resilience….and even greater, the path of GRATITUDE. The DISCOMFORT(s) that you are facing right now is/are real. Relational, psychological, spiritual, physical…. The mode of discomfort is irrelevant. The choice remains the same. Choose to grow, to learn, to manipulate and adapt to life as you remain consistent to who you are and what you believe about your purpose orrrrrrrr, give in, make excuses, deny the risk of embracing something new, deny the opportunity to modify and grow.

Adversity truly is the catalyst to growth. The power lies in our ability to choose. And we NEED each other! Encouragement and investment go hand in hand. Strength of mind and body, in isolation, can only go so far. Surround yourself with people the support you for you; whose beliefs and attitudes align with your own.

Make the choice. Remain steadfast in faith; in belief, in attitude, and therefore in action.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to crutch my daily mile; along with single leg pushups, and pull-ups. Oh yeah, and I’ll continue to make up stories about how my foot was injured (fight with a bear, chasing down a thief, etc). That’s way more fun!



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