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One Snowboot. Just One. And One Happy Reg.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Counter cultural. What this means is simple: living against the common grain of society. Let's get real, really quick. Buckle upppppp.

I was pumped to be able to sit on a stationary bike and pedal. guys, I haven't been able to pedal with two feet for what seems like an eternity. My right leg is so small and weak. But holy cow am I so so happy to have pedaled on that stationary bike! The cover photo is a happy (sweaty) me after a stationary bike set!

Something that I have LOVED in the healing process to foot surgery is getting to wear a thick soled snow boot on my right foot for several hours per day. I wear my medical boot now only in portions of the day, instead of full time. I went to the grocery store the other day, proudly wearing a snow boot on my right foot, and a sneaker on my left (there was no need to wear a snow boot on my left side). I was delighted to wear a lace up shoe on my right side! It's been 3.5 months! I am SURE people at the store were judging my mis-matching footwear; little did they know how pumped I was to be able to wear two shoes!!!

People may have judged me! People may have laughed at me! People may have thought whatever they wanted to! It may have looked silly, and that is ok! My attire may have been against the grain of "two matching shoes" from society's standards. But I am not living to meet society's standards. And I am pleased to say that I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of healing, and regaining a functional place in life!

By wearing two mismatching shoes, I was absolutely drawing attention - I was living "counter cultural".

Counter-cultural living is something that I have recently realized is the catalyst for influence. This can be framed in a positive or a negative way. There are "norms" in society, and by breaking those norms in some way, shape, or form, we set ourselves apart from those around us. We stand out. This platform of standing out can cause a reaction from those around us. Again, the way in which we embrace counter cultural life can be positive or negative, and the response that we get (100% outside our control), can also be positive or negative.

Between the date of my surgery and now, right before Christmas, it's been a several month period of setback. My job was pushed back. My athletic performance and planned races were all put on pause. My life was shifted to a slower pace. I was even so slow that I had to write a book.... guys... it's about to go LIVE on Amazon!! I am counting down the hours! Anyway, my perspective during this "setback" period was in my power to control. My perspective was one that I chose to be "counter cultural".


Cultural norms include a mentality of "ease". We want easy, yet demand the most meaningful of results.

Cultural norms include instant gratification. We want what we want, and we want it now. (1800-CASH NOW)

Cultural norms include making sure we please those around us, please ourselves, and make sure we don't in any way "offend" anyone.

Cultural norms involve us reflecting an identity of successful and content and handling emotional, financial, physical strife all at one time with never ever EVER being anything less than perfect.

I achieved a counter cultural perspective during my injury by:

being vulnerable.

by being real with my feelings.

by doing the "tough" things.

by eliminating instant gratification as an expectation (ever).

by admitting that I am not perfect, and that I fail. often. always will in fact.

by locking in to a mentality of resiliency, no matter the "haters" along the way.

I use the term "haters" as a general term for anyone who may have judged me, or my actions, without asking my situation or trying to understand why I did - or do - what I do. If one should venture to judge me, great, judge away! Perceive any way that suits a fancy.

No judgement can derail my discipline and resolve to behave in a way that reveals my attitude and my character. If one should venture to care about how I perceive, and then challenge me within that understanding, and I am fully willing to change and to alter my perceptions based upon genuine care for my heart and my influence as a human, through relationship. I embrace being challenged, to be wrong, for the sake of growth! If I become so proud to believe that my perceptions and views are infallible and accurate all the time, someone please hit me on the head with a cast iron frying pan. Or an anvil.

My personal growth, my spiritual growth, even my physical capabilities have increased exponentially during my time of "setback". So, if in fact I grew more so in the presence of a setback, due to a stance or a choice of attitude, then is the setback really a "setback"?

If I grew beyond a theoretical "landing" place of development at this point in time had the setback NOT been a reality, then could be setback be actually seen as an advantage? If, by embracing a counter-cultural perception of my "setback", I actually was advanced, then I wonder how powerful we could be as a society if we stopped appeasing the "cultural norm" rut that we numbly embrace.

Fam, think about it.

In what ways can you embrace "counter cultural" to improve your frame of mind?

Once you have that on lock, take it a step farther.

In what ways can you embrace "counter cultural" to improve the lives of those around you??

I was going to back this up with some research, but the science is all described in my book. Ya gotta read it.

It's fun, pretty short, and loaded with science.

Give more to others than you expect from others.

Be grateful for that which you may overlook on the day to day.

Take a moment to look up.

Go outside.

Smile at a fellow human.

Despite the messes of life, despite the chaos that we all have going on, I pray a peace upon you this Christmas. I am grateful for you. I am thankful for the chance to use words to share love; a body that can work towards inspiring others; a heart that can overflow with joy.

Blessing to you this Christmas.

More pullups, more ( SOON to be no more single leg!) burpees, more stories, and more science comin at ya in 2020.


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