• Regina Stump

POWER = Muscles, Fibers, and Cells are not required!

When I lift heavy things- I feel strong. When I move a weight that used to be immovable- I feel proud. When I crush a goal that has been a goal that I have been working towards- I feel unstoppable.

What do all these feelings have in common? Ok, yes, lots of things in common, BUT…. A common thread across these three feelings is that they are dependent upon ME. My emotions and how I choose to respond to something that I can do/have done is all dependent upon how I choose to value my actions.

I love the fact that what I do for a profession is essentially what I do for fun. To train for something and to test myself mentally and physically is what I love to do! Nothing makes me more stoked than planning a workout that I may not be able to accomplish- or that may kill me a little! I am talking about the ones that leave me gasping for breath in a sweaty pile in the corner of Teleo, behind the medicine balls or batting cages, where no one can see me suffer. The struggle of doing something that I may not be successful at is something that gets me fired up!

But… life hit me this past summer with my injury. All of a sudden my strength of going after a workout- my strength of pushing limits- my strength of fight and tenacity- was negligible! What my strength was derived from completely didn’t matter, because my focus had to be recovery, not gains!

Having my “strength” be redefined caused me to realize something super dope…. My ability to influence people went beyond my training capacity. My ability to influence was only through a strength that was not from me. When my strength of being physically strong was taken away by the injury, my ACTUAL strength was completely unhindered. I have been blessed with a mental strength and tenacity; and as much as I love to use it in training, my inability to train as intensely DID NOT ALTER my God given gifts of mental strength and inner joy!

There’s this thing, called humility, which life has a crazy way of tossing at us, that is the ULTIMATE expression of strength. When we subject ourselves to expressing our strength through venues of service for the benefit of others, we are truly strong. When we do not need to show people how strong we are, how powerful we are, how much money we have, what position we have attained, what confidence we have; we embrace humility, and thus have displayed the most powerful form of strength.

When we GIVE UP the thing that we define our strength to be, and embrace the inner gifts that we have only through faith, our true power can be accessed. Our strengths to benefit ourselves, to pump ourselves up, will fade away. It will do little to establish and to validate the thing in life we are here to culminate- relationships.

Through humility, we are the most strong.

Is your “Strength” the thing that you rely on to prove your worth to yourself and/or to other people?

What would happen if that “strength” was taken away?

Is your strength and confidence based on something you need other people to recognize in order for you to feel validated?

This one is a tough one fam. I have wrestled with this one personally, and I am still wrestling with it. Humility doesn’t happen overnight; nor is it something that cannot be lost. Pride creeps on into life, and our strengths can easily become our identity. As I work through this, and as my hammy heals, I am working on becoming resilient in humility and warding off pride!


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