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Resolutions Be Realistic.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

There is beauty in the climb. There is purpose in embracing that which is hard. And it starts with one step.

One step up the Manitou Incline at 5:30am.

One step forward onto frosty rail ties.

One step towards the summit.

Realistic & Honest; Struggle & Perspective. These four words are heavy, if you REALLY think on them, and make them personal. These four words can be a motivator for change and to actualize gratitude, or, they can spark inner anxiety that reveals the presence of fear and pride. These four words have a meaning beyond quantification surrounding my last four months of life.

The injury, the surgery, the recovery period all offered platforms of growth and personal development. As much as the entire process has set back my Assistantship opportunity with the Army, I am incredibly thankful for the past four months to check my ego and my pride.

I have stepped into the NSCA Assistantship program with a renewed sense of humility. Prior to injury, my focus was being an influence through my capabilities by mental toughness expressed through physical athletic performance. That may have been a platform for influence and encouragement (and still can be!), and I am so blessed and thankful for a mind that can push my body towards new limits, and in the process encourage others to break through barriers of fear or discomfort!

Now, in a new environment with new expectations, I am confounded and speechless, in awe I would venture to say. Had I been in this position at the intended start date in August, I would have stepped in with too much pride. I would have come into the position confident, too much so, in my ability to "do things". I likely would have come across as arrogant, and as overstepping my role. Coming through four months of limitation and lots of time to reflect, I am so so thankful for the limitation. The pause on my athletic ability has allowed an expansion of my focus, of my goals, of my purpose, and of my ability to feed into the hearts and souls of those around me in ways that were slightly different than pre-injury.

The lack of doing allowed an increase in a sense of being. We are not what we do per se, no, we are WHO we are for the purpose of LIFE to those around us.

I am now equipped - only after being shaken and being rocked off my comfort zone - with a humility to give all that I am for a greater purpose. I am more ready to soak up and to learn to be a better sports medicine professional. With a focus on others, more so than myself and my normal, I can work towards being better. I can work and expend effort in a more meaningful and valuable way to those around me. I am able to listen and learn with a more open heart and mind.

Realistically, injuries suck. Discipline to the mundane while being limited sucks.

Honestly, the four month (and ongoing) process of not being able to do what I love (trail run, jump, adventure...) has been the most challenging and most rich of opportunities to become more resilient.

Struggle, that is what makes us decide how we will define "comfort" or seek to toughen up or to seek empathy

Perspective, available to us all, all the time. It's a choice that we ALWAYS have control over, that we always have the power to change, and that we can change at any time.

2020. Starting off super real, since it's not about me. I am so small. But my influence can be large. When I depart from an interaction, an event, a location with other people, I have failed them if they remember ME.

What mark I want to leave is one of influence, of empowerment, of love. Of worth. Reminding them truly of the beauty of their being and the meaning of their existence.

I do them no good; I have wasted their time, if I leave them with facts about me, with notes about what I do or who I am, or my "accomplishments".

What truly matters is the way in which I use who I am, through experiences, gifts, and abilities given from God above, to show others how much value they truly have. How much YOU matter how much power YOU hold, and how much YOU are so worthy of love and worth fighting for. This is the influence that I desire to leave.

If we all do this, if we all embrace a perspective towards our fellow humans, imagine the force we can be. Where is your focus, on your own advancement? Or on advancing towards the betterment of those around you, through a humility of spirit?

Your call.




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