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Snot Rockets and Snowmobiles

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Colorado snowfalls in the Rockies are absolutely beautiful; fresh powder, sunny skies, untouched mountain trails and slopes for adventuring.

Being on the front range of Colorado, the only way to really experience the wonderful dumps of snow requires some travel and planning. One must expect several hours in the car to escape the eastern side of the state to find the natural beauty of the mountains that lie westward.

I have been absolutely loving my position with the NSCA Assistantship at Fort Carson. It has been already an amazing learning experience, and I am eager to continue to build these experiences with time. However, now that I am working full time, my weekends are ones that I try to maximize with new adventures outdoors!

Traveling into the mountains to see my surgeon for a follow up appointment meant that I would be in the region of heavy snows, ski resorts, and all the handwarmers. I prepared for my appointment, and hoped to be able to exit the surgery center, and go straight for a snowshoe hike!

My surgeon gave the best news: ALL SYSTEMS GO!

I am able to progress now, with a systematic way forward, into running, jumping, and being unlimited!

Guys. I am a human again!

I cannot wait to finally run some mountain trails for endless miles, to snowboard, and to feel as though I do not have to guard my foot!

As a giddy little kid who just received the best of news, I strapped on snowshoes for the first time, and found a trail. Snow pants and and jacket and beanie and gloves at the ready, I just started climbing, A light and gradual slope took me towards the top of a small mountain, and the trail was heavily used by cross country skiiers.

As I was climbing upwards steadily, I actually became quite hot! I had to shed some layers, and even I took my beanie and gloves off, despite the temperature being near 20 degrees. My nose was running and dripping everywhere, and my heart rate was amping up as the elevation increased. By the time I made it to the top, I was a hot sweaty and snotty mess. But I was so happy; as I turned around, the view took my breath away! The commanding mountains behind me, covered in snow, stood regal against the afternoon skies. I had to linger and try to soak up the pure beauty of the mountains and sharp peaks in the distance.

As my heart rate settled, there were some snowmobilers near me, and we stopped to chat. I have never been snowmobiling, only ATVing and dirt-biking. Regardless, the owner of one of the snowmobiles told me to get on and take it for a spin! I hopped on, hit the throttle, and took off.

Holy cow. What a rush!!! It was SO fun! Adrenaline pumped through my veins as I carved around in the powder and took jumps!

When I finally came back, my heart was pumping so fast, and my face was stuck in a perma-frozen smile!

The hike up to the top was work, causing heart rate increase and snot and sweat. The snowmobile excursion caused a spike in adrenaline, also causing my heart rate to elevate, without any work required!

In both of these cases, there was a similar physiological response. Yet that response was a result of two very different causes.

Working and grinding up the slope = heart rate spike

Blazing around on a machine with zero effort = heart rate spike

In life, I believe that we need a balance of types of effort and investment into situations and people.

Sometimes, we need to grind out and work and get a little messy to reach a goal and pursue an outcome. Our process on this "work" requires and builds resilience and ownership of locking in.

However, other times, being able to reach a similar goal in a more pleasant way can be healthy!

Whatever goal you are working towards; whatever relationships that you are seeking to improve; whatever ways in which you determine to continue to believe in your identity and worthiness as a human soul, take a moment to evaluate your processes. Are you in a period of "grind"? Are you exhausted in your effort towards a goal that can be achieved in healthy ways that are not as taxing as prior methods?

There are times to grind on. Life is about the grind. But remember, when you are grinding and pursuing and reaching; rest, gratitude, and relationship can be sent to the back burner. Take a moment and value where you are, where you want to be, and establish how much you can smile happily as you still pursue a goal.

Frozen faces and happy hearts can provide the rest one needs, at certain intermittent intervals, to increase one's ability to grind on.

What do you need, in your pursuit of influence and in the pursuit to love others in abandon?

Grab a pair of snowshoes, or the snowmobile throttle, and see for yourself.

See ya on the slopes and trails!

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