After only six months of training with Regina Stump, not only did I feel more confident in my abilities and more capable as an athlete, I was more comfortable at important tryouts along with being more confident at camps such as a Region 1 ODP camp I have attended twice. Through training with her, I also gained knowledge about nutrition, being physically and mentally present, and how to take my game to the next level. The guidance she gave me helped me to excel in soccer in a way that was far beyond what I thought was possible. In addition to attending my training sessions, she helped to guide me in daily life as a mentor and a role model.


I had just started at a new training center when the head trainer had to go out of town suddenly. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to train adequately or that I would be able to trust someone else to understand an old knee injury that limited my mobility. Luckily, Regina was the trainer that stepped in and I was able to confidently go through several workouts that Regina designed without fear of injury or limitations. Not only was she very knowledgeable about the right exercises for me, but she also had a vast knowledge of nutrition and the role that plays in fitness. Regina has a bright, bright future in the fitness world and I would highly recommend her knowledge, personal attention and energy to anyone and everyone!


I first met Regina when I was training for the Pittsburgh Marathon. I had been running for almost two years and needed to add strength training to my plan but had no idea where to start. From the minute I met Regina I knew I had made the right choice.  She was upbeat and friendly but it was also very clear that she had the training and knowledge that I was looking for in a trainer.  She provided me with the direction and skills that I needed to become independent in my own strength training.  Even as I grow and pursue new goals, from road marathons to trail races, Regina continues to be a reliable resource for me. She has provided me guidance on a range of topics - from nutrition, to track workouts, to cross training – I feel comfortable going to her with any questions I may have.  Her dedication to her own personal training and being skilled in a variety of sports and activities makes her an exceptional resource for any athlete. 


I began training with Reg in January of 2019 as part of a preparation program for the 2019 Pittsburgh Marathon.  I trained with her twice a week up until race day, focusing on strengthening the muscle groups that would get me across the finish line.

Training with Reg was a great experience, and I miss having her in the Pittsburgh area!  I had not done much weightlifting prior to our sessions, and she was very patient and helpful in teaching me the proper techniques to get the most out of my workout.

I was also diagnosed with vertigo in 2016, so re-learning balance in these situations was difficult for me.  Reg's knowledge and encouragement helped me to overcome many of my balance issues by giving me an opportunity to challenge myself.  For example, Reg would have me hold a kettlebell while standing on one leg; I'd lose my balance and do something completely NOT GRACEFUL to regain my balance; we'd spend some time laughing at my ridiculous moves, then Reg would break down into the science and analyze what she just saw.  Reg LOVES science.

This testimonial could go on and on because I learned so much from training with Reg.  Her teaching style is positive and upbeat - she won't ever let you discourage yourself - her knowledge and passion for what she does is eminent, and - at the end of the day - she's just a fantastic human being!  Pittsburgh misses you, Reg!


My experience training with Regina has been some of the best I’ve ever had to date. The energy that she radiates during a training session was something I looked forward to each week. I had an upcoming international soccer tournament that I wanted to better prepare myself for and Regina knew exactly what I should work on. She planned a demanding training regimen that gave me the competitive edge over my fellow players and helped me secure my spot on an EFL Championship soccer team (at the time). When my season for school came around, I knew exactly who to consult. I trained with her during my season and she made sure to never overwork me, but to rather keep me in shape, active, and fit for each game and training session. I was disappointed to learn that Regina would be moving out of town and to Colorado before the end of my season. While I was unable to spend a long time with her, I know that she is one of the kindest people I will meet and I will never forget the time that I had spent with her, however short it may have been. I would give anything to train with her one more time before my leave to the UK. 


I first encountered Regina while out walking my dogs early one morning.  There were a lot of hills where I live and was impressed to see the determination, endurance, and joy that radiated from her as she hiked up a pretty steep hill with a boot on one foot; using crutches to keep her balance.   We greeted each other and went on our separate ways.  A few weeks later, I encountered her as she walked into the front door of a house.  Still on crutches and her foot in a boot, she turned around, walked down the long drive way and took time out of her day to talk to me.  From there, a strong bond transpired.

I asked Regina to spend time being my personal trainer.  Having a knee replacement and in my 50s, her workouts she formulated were unique, applicable, and effective and still incorporated in my daily workouts today.  There was never a moment that I have been in Regina’s presence where she has not had a cheerful and energetic demeanor.  She’s been an inspiration to me and I have no doubt that whatever endeavor is placed before her, she’ll exceed the set expectations while building nurturing and trustworthy relationships.